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We are heartbroken to announce that Caffe Corretto will not return to 511 East 12th Street.


After years of planning, two joyful months of service, and five months and counting of frustrating limbo, the ongoing repairs to our building have forced us to depart permanently. Following a gas leak that was discovered in August, we were required to close our doors, and while we’ve worked hard since then, the space still cannot be used for our restaurant at this time. We remain hopeful that the robust and comprehensive business interruption insurance that we purchased to protect us in the case of an event like this will come through. However, without that crucial support for our young business, we must bid farewell to our home on 12th Street.


We want to share our warmest thanks with our team, our investors, our friends and family, and especially, our guests. Welcoming you was an unmitigated delight, and we will miss you dearly. We’re so grateful for all of the love and support that you’ve shown us, including through this interminable closure, and we look forward to seeing you around our neighborhood for a caffe, a slice, or a cold vermouth over ice with a twist.


Alla prossima, ragazzi.



Colin and Leah

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